Turkey Sugar Cookies

Turkey Sugar Cookie

My daughter loves using cookie cutters to make shapes with Play Doh so I thought it would be fun for us to make some Thanksgiving cookies. I was looking through my cookie cutters to see if I had any related to Thanksgiving and I saw a mitten shape that reminded me of a Turkey. We had fun decorating the mitten cookies to make them look like turkeys. If you have a mitten cookie cutter (here is one on Amazon) and would like to make these cookies, read below for the directions.



Ingredients needed for your favorite sugar cookie recipe or pre-made sugar cookie mix.

– Mitten cookie cutter

– Chocolate icing (I used a bag of Better Crocker Cookie Icing which worked well)

– M&M candies in the colors you want for the turkey feathers

– Chocolate sprinkles

– Mini chocolate chips

– Candy corn (the kind that have orange tips)

– Cherry Twizzlers


  1. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or pre-made mix to make and roll out sugar cookie dough. We used this recipe for ours (minus the almond extract).
  2. Cut out mitten shaped cookies using your cookie cutter and place on a baking sheet.

Turkey Sugar Cookie

3.  Bake your cookies according to your recipe instructions. Allow them to cool on a cooling rack.

4. After your cookies are completely cool, take one or two cookies at a time and spread the chocolate icing on them everywhere except for  what will  be the turkey’s neck and head area. Then immediately go to the next step so the icing doesn’t have time to harden.

  Turkey Sugar Cookie

5. Before the icing hardens, decorate the cookie(s) with the M&M candies to make the colored feathers and place the chocolate sprinkles on the bottom part of the iced area to create a feathery look on the turkey body. You may need to slightly press the M&M candies and sprinkles into the icing to get them to stay in place. After this step is complete, you can repeat the previous direction (Step 4) for one or two more cookies. Once all your cookies are complete up to this step, go on to Step 6.

Turkey Sugar Cookie


Turkey Sugar Cookie

6. Put a tiny amount of chocolate icing on the bottom of a mini chocolate chip and place it on the turkey’s head to make the eye. Repeat this step for each cookie.

7. Take a piece of candy corn and break off the tip. This will be the turkey’s beak. Place a small amount of chocolate icing on the broken side of the tip and stick it to the side of the turkey’s head. Repeat this for each cookie. Make sure to use candy corn that have an orange tip (not a white tip like the original candy corn).

Turkey Sugar Cookie

8. Separate a single strand from a regular Twizzler piece. Cut it to the length you want for the snood (the red part hanging from the beak). Then use a small amount of chocolate icing to help you adhere it to the beak. This was the trickiest part for us – be careful so the beak doesn’t fall off as you are placing the red part on the cookie. Repeat this step for each cookie.

Turkey Sugar Cookie

Either taste your cookies now or store them in an airtight container for later!

My daughter thought the mitten shape looked like a turtle too and decorated one with green M&M candies to make a shell for the turtle.


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