monster party hat

Monster Party Hat


Here is a fun and simple way to make plain party hats into monster hats.  This would be great for a birthday party with a monster theme or even a Halloween party.  It would also be a neat activity for kids to do for fun.



– Plain party hats in assorted colors

– Cardstock/construction paper in black and white

– Hot glue gun/hot glue


1. Cut out monster eyes and mouths with teeth from the black and white cardstock.  I simply cut circles for the eyes and triangles for the teeth.  Make as many (or as few) eyes and teeth as you want and get creative with the mouth expressions.  I think making the eyes different sizes makes the monster faces look even more silly.

2. Use a hot glue gun to glue the eyes and mouths on the hats to create the monster faces.  If young children are doing this project, it may be easier and safer for them to use double-sided tape or glue sticks/Elmer’s glue to stick the faces on the hats.

3. Wear the hats or hand them out at your next monster party!

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