Father’s Day Frame


If you are trying to find a last-minute gift to make for Father’s Day this weekend, try this simple idea! Take a picture of your kiddo(s) holding a letter to spell out “DAD” (or whatever name they use for their father). You can buy fancy letters from a craft store (if you are spelling out “DAD”, you only need to buy the letters D and A), or simply make them yourself by cutting them from cardstock. Buy or make a frame with enough picture spaces for each letter of the name. This is a great way to even get babies involved in making their own Father’s Day present.   I did this with my two little ones last year and my husband has it displayed on his desk at work. I used a cute little film roll frame with three picture spaces that I found at Michaels.


– Letters (I used white wooden letters I bought at Michaels)

– Camera

– Picture frame with enough picture spaces for each letter of the name (I found mine at Michaels)


  1. Take one picture for each letter of the name you are spelling (if it is a long name, you might want to put more than one letter in the pictures so you don’t have to find a really big frame). Get creative and have fun putting your kids in silly poses.
  2. Develop or print the pictures. We needed square pictures for our frame so we were able to get them at Wal-Mart.
  3. Place the pictures in the frame in the order that the name is spelled.
  4. That’s it! The frame is ready to be gifted. It is sure to be a special gift for the lucky dad that receives it 🙂

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