Flower Pen Bouquet


Here is an idea for a Mother’s Day gift or just something fun to make for spring! I made this flower pen bouquet for my mom for Mother’s Day about six or seven years ago. She’s a teacher and enjoys gardening so I thought she could use it in her classroom or around the house as a decoration (she does the latter). Make your own and use it to spruce up your house or office! A perk to having flower pens is that it isn’t easy for them to go missing! If you enjoy this project, see also my Turkey Pen Pail.



– A decorative container to hold the pens (I used a decorative tin water can)

– Pens

– Artificial flowers with stems

– Green floral tape


  1. Cut your flower stems so they are only about an inch or two long (just long enough to wrap the stem with the floral tape so that it will hold the flower on the pen).
  2. For each flower pen, hold the stem against the top of the pen and tightly wrap floral tape around it to secure it to the pen and continue wrapping the floral tape around the rest of the pen down to its tip.
  3. Once you have made all of your flower pens, arrange them in your container to make a pretty spring bouquet!

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