Untapped Craft Resource: Gift Bag/Shopping Bag Handles

If you are ever looking for a small amount/length of ribbon, rope, or string to embellish one of your craft projects, make sure to check out gift bags or shopping bags you have saved! I wanted to share this tip since sometimes you may only need a small amount of ribbon or string for a craft and this can save you a trip to the craft store. I usually save all gift bags my family receives, but when one is ripped, torn, or past its prime, I will remove its handles prior to recycling it and add them to my ribbon stockpile in my craft room. Some stores even give you shopping bags with handles that are made of ribbon or rope you can use as craft supplies. So always remember to check out the handles before throwing away a gift/shopping bag! You never know when they can be upcycled into a beautiful craft project! You can use this tip when making my Conversation Heart Taggie Pillows.