Quick DIY Halloween Tree Topper

My kids like decorating their bedrooms for the holidays so I gave them small Halloween trees to use last year. They made their own ornaments out of paper to decorate the trees. A relative gave each of them a candy tube containing candy corn for Halloween. I noticed the cute pumpkin toppers on the candy tubes and thought they would make perfect tree toppers for their trees, so I saved them. Today, when we were decorating for fall and Halloween, I stumbled into the candy tubes I saved from last year and remembered my plan for them. Since the bottom of the candy tube pumpkin topper was solid, all I had to do was cut the very bottom off so that it became hollow. I used a hack saw to do this so it wasn’t a totally clean cut, but worked great for the purpose of a cute decorative tree topper! I wanted to share this quick and easy repurpose idea since actual small Halloween tree toppers can be expensive if you need more than one.