DIY Monster High Chair

I planned on decorating my son’s high chair for his first birthday since that is where he would be performing the most exciting part of a one-year-old’s birthday – eating the cake!  I was going to make a pennant banner to hang from the high chair tray when I realized that I could make the pennant banner look like monster teeth (to go along with the monster theme) by making each triangular flag white.  And then I figured I may as well dress the entire high chair up like a monster because, well, I’m crazy!  Read below if you are interested in “monsterizing” a high chair.



– White cardstock

– Green cardstock

– Black cardstock

– Tape

– 2 toilet paper rolls

– 1 long wrapping paper roll (or 2 normal wrapping paper rolls)

– 2 straws


1. Cut the long wrapping paper roll in half.  The two halves will be the legs of your monster as long as you can fit the legs of your high chair into the roll.  If not, you may need to just use pieces of paper taped together for the legs.

2. Paint the two halves of the wrapping paper roll green (or whatever color you want your monster’s legs to be.  Then paint the two toilet paper rolls the same color.  Allow them to dry.

3. Cut monster teeth, monster feet and claws, and eyes from your cardstock.  I traced large circular bowl lids for the eyes.  Tape the claws to the feet and tape the black pupils to the white eyes.

4. Now you are ready to assemble your monster high chair.  Place the front legs of your high chair through the painted wrapping paper rolls.  Then place the monster feet under the legs on the floor.  Next, tape the teeth to your high chair tray and foot rest.  Finally, assemble the eyes by placing a straw through each toilet paper roll and taping it in place once you have a short length of the straw sticking out of one side of each roll and a longer length sticking out the other side of each roll.  Tape the longer length of each straw to the back of the top of the high chair where you want the eyes to be positioned.  Tape the cardstock eyes you made to the front of the shorter length of straw.  I’m sorry that I did not take pictures of the assembly (I was making it up as I was doing it).  You may even have a better idea to hold the eyes in place on the chair.

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