Birthday Pennant Banner Photo Display


I wanted to do a photo display at my son’s first birthday party to showcase the 12 monthly photos I took of him throughout his first year.  Since we had his party inside, I couldn’t have it take up a lot of space so I decided to display the photos on the refrigerator.  I wanted to make it look similar to a pennant banner and I used my monster cut-outs to tie in the monster theme of the party.


– Colored cardstock

– Pipe cleaners (same colors as your cardstock)

– Magnetic tape

– Hot glue gun/hot glue

– Double-sided tape

– Paper cutter/ruler & scissors

– Black marker

– Photos

– Monster cut-outs


*Start by planning your picture display design so you know what colors of your materials you will need.

1. Pick out the photos you want to use for your display.  I started with 4″ x 6″ photos, but I trimmed them to 3.5″ x 5″ to save space.

2. Frame your photos using your cardstock.  Cut your cardstock rectangle so that it is half an inch longer than your photos in both length and width.  For example, since my photos were 3.5″ x 5″, I cut 4″ x 5.5″ rectangles out of my cardstock to frame each of the photos.

3. Use double-sided tape to place your photos in the center of their respective cardstock rectangle frames.

4. Cut a triangle from a piece of cardstock to be the template for all of the pennants you will use for your banner photo display.  Trace your template repeatedly onto your colored cardstock until you have enough for your photo display.  I traced 12 pennants since I had 12 photos in my display.  When you are finished tracing, cut them out with your scissors.  *Use a marker to write any information you wish on each pennant (I wrote my son’s age on each pennant).


5. Now you need to apply magnetic tape to the backs of your photos, pennants, pipe cleaners, and monster cut-outs (if you are using them as part of your display).  You will need to cut thin strips of tape for the pipe cleaners (I used two thin strips on each end of the pipe cleaners.  You may need to cut your pipe cleaners shorter for some areas of your design.  Warning: I highly suggest using hot glue to adhere the magnetic tape to your items.  I found that the magnetic tape will not stick long on its own without reinforcement from the hot glue.

6. Arrange your magnetic items on the refrigerator (or other magnetic surface) to achieve the design you planned for your display.


7. Enjoy gazing at your picture display!

Hopefully, your display doesn’t end up looking like mine did (shown below) by the end of the party



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