St. Patrick’s Day Wreath


Today, I hung up my St. Patrick’s Day wreath that I made about seven years ago! I think it has held up pretty well so I decided to share it. It was pretty simple to make – I didn’t even use glue! Carnations are my favorite type of flower so I fell in love with the glittery white and green carnations as soon as I saw them.


*I remember that I bought all of my materials from the seasonal St. Patrick’s Day display at Michaels.

Grapevine wreath

– St. Patrick’s Day ribbon

– Glitter shamrock stems

– Artificial glittery clovers

– Artificial glittery carnations

– Optional: hot glue gun/hot glue


  1. Take one end of the ribbon and tuck it in the back of the wreath. Then wrap the ribbon around the wreath leaving empty spaces evenly around that will later be covered by the flowers and clovers. Once your ribbon has made it around, cut it and tuck the end into the back of the wreath. You may want to use hot glue to keep the ribbon in place.
  2. Cut the carnation stems a little shorter and then weave them into the wreath in the arrangement you choose. I did not use glue, but you may want to in order to prevent them from falling out of the wreath.
  3. Cut batches of the clovers off of their main stem/bundle and stick them into the wreath anywhere there is an empty space. Again, you may choose to use hot glue to keep them in place on your wreath.
  4. Finally, stick the glitter shamrock stems down into the bottom of the wreath so they stick up in the center. My stems came with a bow that was tied around them. If your stems came individually, you may choose to tie some green ribbon around them for an added embellishment.


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