Thanksgiving Table Place Marker for Kids



This is a quick and easy place marker to make for kids at the Thanksgiving table. Put this turkey jar along with some paper or coloring pages related to Thanksgiving to keep kids occupied.



Clean baby food jar

– Orange and red foam

– 2 googly eyes

– Brown M&M candies

– Crayons

– Double-sided tape/glue



  1. Cut the two pieces for the turkey’s beak from the orange and red foam.
  2. Use double-sided tape or glue to stick the googly eyes and the two pieces you cut from the foam to the center of the baby food jar. You should now have created the turkey’s face.
  3. Fill the jar with brown M&M candies. Another idea could be to fill it with brown Lego bricks to give the kids another activity.
  4. Stick a few crayons in the back of the jar to form the turkey feathers.
  5. Use the finished turkey jar(s) to mark each place at the Thanksgiving table where a little one will be sitting. And don’t forget to give them some paper to color!

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