Easter Basket Playset

I decided to make my baby girl an Easter Basket Playset this year for Easter. I wanted to include a chick, a bunny, and an egg with the basket. I designed the Spring Basket, first. When I started to design the chick, Butterball Baby “Coops” was born. I then made Butterball Baby “Hops” so Coops would have a bunny friend. Last, I made my Striped Easter Egg to complete the set. Each individual item in the set could be used as a spring decoration or a gift on its own. The stuffed items are the perfect size for little hands to hold if making them for a baby or child. They would all be fun to make in various colors as well. I hope you enjoy all of my spring designs in this set and have fun making each of them! Happy Easter!

Spring Basket


Butterball Baby “Coops” 

Butterball Baby “Hops” the Bunny

Striped Easter Egg

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