Chocolate Dipped Holiday Spoons

Chocolate Dipped Holiday Spoons

I saw chocolate covered spoons meant for stirring into hot drinks in a catalog and thought they would be a neat gift idea for someone who enjoys hot drinks. I decided to make some and quickly discovered that there are many possibilities for what you can create with them – you can even personalize them.  They can be as simple or as detailed as you like.  I even found some candy cane flavored melting chips that would add a nice peppermint flavor to a drink.  The spoons are pretty fast and easy to make.  These would also make a nice gift for your child’s teacher along with some hot cocoa, coffee, or tea.  Read below if you are interested in how I made mine.



– Candy melts in your choice of colors/flavors

– Plastic spoons (Dollar Tree and Party City have fancy looking plastic spoons)

– Wax paper

– Candy bags/wrap if you are saving them for gifts

– Optional: Marshmallows, candy molds, candy decorating bags



1. Melt the candy melts.  Melt each color/flavor in separate bowls.

2. Dip each spoon in the melted candy of your choice.

Chocolate Dipped Holiday Spoons

3. Place the spoons on wax paper to dry.  Once they are dry, they are finished unless you want to decorate them further.  You might want to dip the bottom of the spoon in another color/flavor candy melt to create a neat effect.  Below are some other options.

Marshmallow Option

If you would like to add marshmallows to your spoon, simply place a small amount of the melted candy melts on the back of the marshmallows and use that to stick the marshmallows to the spoon.  This was how I made the spoon that looks like Santa’s hat, the eyes of the reindeer spoon, and the chocolate spoon with the three white marshmallows in the main picture.  I colored some of my marshmallows by dipping them in the melted candy melts so they became completely covered.  Once they were dry, I then used a small amount of melted candy to help the marshmallows stick to the spoon.  This was how I made the spoon that looks like a holly leaf with red berries in the main picture.  This was also how I made the red nose for the reindeer spoon.

Chocolate Dipped Holiday Spoons

Candy Mold Option

If you have candy molds, you can place melted candy chips in the molds, allow them to set in the freezer for about 10 minutes, and then adhere them to a spoon using a small amount of melted candy on the back.  This is how I made the spoon with the tree and the spoons with the bows in the main picture.  The bow mold I used can be found on Amazon.

Decorating Bag Option

If you would like to add designs, stripes, words, pictures, etc. to your spoon, you can use a candy decorating bag filled with melted candy melts (or a decorating pen) to write or draw easily on the spoon.  This was how I created the candy cane striped spoon, the “snow” spoon, and the “Santa” spoon.  I also used a candy decorating bag to make the pupils of the reindeer’s eyes and reindeer antlers for the reindeer spoon.  I used the bag to draw antlers on wax paper with the melted chocolate, waited for them to dry, and then carefully peeled them off and placed them on the spoon using a small amount of melted chocolate.

4.  You are now ready to stir your spoon in your favorite hot drink or place them in candy bags if you are giving them to others.  They would be cute to stick in a mug along with a pack of someone’s hot drink of choice.

Chocolate Dipped Holiday Spoons

I would love to see what creations you come up with if you choose to make chocolate dipped spoons.  Please share pictures of your spoons on my Facebook page!

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