Halloween Baby Food Jar Candles

Here are two different ideas for making Halloween candles from baby food jars.


While my daughter and I were making the Halloween Candy Dishes out of baby food jars, I thought it would be neat to also use them as Halloween candles.  However, I didn’t like how you could see the candle easily through the clear glass jar.  I came up with a few different ideas to fix this issue.  In this post, I share two different candle ideas and in my next post I will share the rest of my candle ideas.

baby food jars, candy, window clings, halloween treats

This picture doesn’t do these candles justice as they look really neat when lit in the dark.  Below are the directions for making each.


Glitter Tulle Jar Candle

baby food jars, candy, window clings, halloween treats


– Baby food jar (or any glass jar)

– Black glitter tulle (I used tulle I found in Jo-Ann Fabrics’ dollar bin)

– Orange ribbon

– Battery operated candle (preferably black on outside)

– Glue or tape



1. Clean a baby food jar

2. Wrap the jar with the black glitter tulle.  I used a little double sided tape to hold the tulle at the rim of the jar.

3. Wrap the orange ribbon around the rim of the jar to help hold the tulle in place.  Use tape or glue to affix the ribbon to the jar.

4.  Place a battery-operated candle inside the jar.

5. Turn on and enjoy!


*This jar looks really pretty in the light as well as in the dark.  However, the glitter tulle loses a significant amount of glitter in the process of making this.  So, if you are not a fan of glitter, or you don’t want to have it EVERYWHERE, you may not want to use glitter tulle (at least the kind I used anyway).


Window Cling Jar Candle

baby food jars, candy, window clings, halloween treats

This candle only allows light to shine through the vinyl image while hiding the battery-operated candle inside.  The window cling in the picture has been well-used and is rather worn, but still looks really nice when the candle is lit.


– Baby food jar (or any type of glass jar)

– Decorative vinyl window cling (you may wish to pick one with a simple shape to make this an easier project)

– Cardstock (I used black)

– Scissors



1.  Clean the baby food jar.

2.  Cut a rectangle strip of cardstock that fits inside the jar when wrapped around itself.  The size I cut that fit in my baby food jar was 6 inches by 1-7/8 inches.

3. Trace around your vinyl window cling in the middle of the cardstock strip and cut it out.  I picked a window cling with a simple circle shape so it would be easy to cut out.  See Picture below.


4.  Place the cardstock strip inside the jar.  You may wish to tape the edges together.

5. Place your window cling on the outside of the jar over top the area you cut from the cardstock.  This will allow light to only shine through the window cling.

6. Make your lid.  You may wish to make a lid from the Halloween Candy Dishes Post. If you wish to make the burlap lid shown in this post, follow the instructions below.

7.  Place a battery-operated candle inside the jar.

8. Turn the candle on, replace the jar lid and enjoy!


Burlap Lid



– Tissue Paper (I used black)

– Burlap

– Yarn (I used black)

– Scissors



1. Cover the jar lid with tissue paper. You may wish to tape it to the lid to hold it in place.

2. Cover the tissue paper on the jar lid with a piece of burlap.  Try to stretch and hold it tightly around the lid.

3.  Take a piece of yarn and tie it tightly around the lid to hold the burlap and tissue paper in place. You may need a second person to help you with this so that one person holds the burlap in place while the other person ties the yarn around the lid.

4.  Use scissors to trim the tissue paper and burlap to the length you desire.

5. You are now ready to place the lid on the jar.


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