Halloween Squeeze Pouch Treats!


Here is a simple Halloween treat for little ones! It is easy enough that you could even have little ones help make it.

I don’t know about you, but my toddler absolutely loves squeeze pouches. We call them squeezers.  I remember when we used to put tissues over lollipops as kids to make ghosts and thought my daughter would love that with a squeezer instead of a lollipop (I’m sure she would enjoy the lollipop too but at least a squeezer is healthier and safer for her). After making the ghost squeezer, I started to (as usual) take the idea a little too far and decided to make some other Halloween objects with squeezers as well. Below are the directions for each:

Ghost Squeeze Pouch Treat



-Squeeze pouch

-Standard white napkin

-Twisty tie (preferably white)

-Orange colored yarn/string/ribbon

-Black marker

ghostsupplies copy


1. Grab a squeeze pouch with one of your child’s favorite flavors. I used a squeeze pouch with a white cap so it wouldn’t show through the white napkin as much.

2. Unfold the white napkin completely. The reason I used a napkin instead of a tissue is because a tissue is not big enough to cover the squeezer pouch.

3. Drape the unfolded napkin over the squeeze pouch and bunch up some of the napkin at the top of the squeezer to form a head for your ghost.

4. Once you are satisfied with the head shape, wrap a twisty tie around the neck right below the lid of the squeezer in order to hold the napkin in place.

5. Add a bow with your orange yarn over top of the twisty tie.

6. Add two eyes with your black marker and… VOILA! You have a ghost squeezer that any child is sure to enjoy!

Pumpkin Squeeze Pouch Treat



-GoGo Squeeze Applesauce pouch with green propeller cap

– Orange tissue paper

– Clear tape (if needed)



1. Make sure to get a GoGo squeeze pouch with a green propeller cap since that will serve as the pumpkin stem.

2. Next, all you do is wrap orange tissue paper around the squeeze pouch to form a pumpkin shape, bringing the tissue paper under the green squeezer cap.

3. If you have some time (or if you are just really talented at shaping tissue paper) you may not have to use any tape to do this. Otherwise, you may have to use a piece of clear tape in the back to hold it in place and keep its shape. [I am definitely not good at manipulating tissue paper and I was in a rush since my daughter caught me making this and was demanding she eat the squeezer immediately. Luckily, she settled for a different squeezer so the pumpkin was unharmed and I was able to photograph it].

Headless Horseman Squeeze Pouch Treat



-Squeeze pouch with an orange cap

-Black tissue paper

-White tissue paper

-Clear tape (if needed)



1. Get a squeeze pouch with an orange cap that will serve as the horseman’s pumpkin head.

2. Take a small piece of white tissue paper and wrap it around the entire pouch. You may want to use a piece of clear tape on the back to keep it tight. This will be the horseman’s shirt.

3. Use a larger piece of black tissue paper and fold it in half to make a rectangle.

4. Lay the squeeze pouch on top of the black tissue paper.

5. Then fold the black tissue paper up over the bottom of the pouch. This will form the pants. See picture below.

2421 copy

6. Fold the top corners of the black tissue paper down to form the front of the coat as pictured below.

2422 copy

7. Fold the excess tissue paper at the bottom underneath the pouch as shown below.


8. Fold one side of the black tissue paper behind the squeeze pouch so it forms a cape with the other side of the black tissue paper. See picture below.  You should now have the final product: A squeeze pouch headless horseman!


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