Vase Scarf

I decided to make a vase scarf to jazz up my plain glass flower vase. It adds a cute decorative touch and can be easily adjusted to fit most vases. I also incorporated my Cute-As-A-Button Button-On Appliqués by adding a button to the front where they can be displayed. It makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day when paired with my Lovely Heart button-on appliqué.

Vase Scarf

This vase scarf pattern is written fit a standard vase. It can be easily modified to fit smaller or larger vases by deleting or adding rows. If you choose, you can use it to display button-on appliqués. 


The vase scarf is about 19½ inches long and about 1½ inches wide.


– Size 4.00 mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge

– Worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn in main color of your choice (I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in White.)

– Scissors

– Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

– Stitch markers (Optional – if needed for counting/marking stitches)

– Measuring tape

– Sewing needle/small tapestry needle for sewing button(s) onto scarf

– ½” button to attach scarf together with matching thread (I used a white button and white thread)

– OPTIONAL (if using scarf to display button-on appliqués): ½” buttons that coordinate with your button-on appliqués you plan to display on the outside of the scarf with matching thread for each button (I used a red button with red thread.)


– ch = chain

– chs = chains

– hdc = half double crochet

– st = stitch

– sts = stitches


4 hdc = 1 inch

4 rows of hdc = 1 inch


  • The vase scarf is made in rows of half double crochet stitches.


Body of Scarf

*Use your 4.00 mm hook and your main color worsted weight yarn to complete the body of the scarf.

Row 1: With main color yarn, ch 8, hdc in 3rd ch from hook. (6 hdc)

Rows 2-70: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each st across. (6 hdc)

*At the end of Row 70, fasten off and weave in loose ends.

Attaching the Button(s)

*In order to attach/close the scarf around a vase, you will need to attach a button. The button should be able to fit through two hdc stitches to hold the scarf together and keep it in place on the vase (I used a ½” white button).

*If you are using the scarf to display a button-on appliqué, you will need to attach another ½” button of the color needed for your appliqué. This button will be placed on the opposite side of the first button so that the appliqué can be displayed on the outside of the scarf. You may also choose to place a few different colored buttons close together on this side if you plan to use it for different button-on appliqués. 

***You may even choose to reverse the scarf sometimes so the original button meant for holding the scarf together can be on the outside and used to display a coordinating button-on appliqué. 

Follow the directions below to first attach the button used to hold the scarf together on the vase, and then to attach the button(s) you will use for your displayed appliqué.

  1. Using a sewing needle and thread that matches your button color (I used white thread), attach a button (I used a ½-inch white button) in the center of the scarf about 11 rows up from one end. This will be the button used to close the scarf and hold it in place on the vase. 

*If you are not planning to use the vase scarf for displaying a button-on appliqué, you are now finished with the scarf. If planning to use the scarf with button-on appliqué(s), follow the step below to attach the coordinating button(s) on the opposite side of the scarf.

  1. Attach the button(s) you plan to use with your button-on appliqué(s) to the opposite side of your scarf using matching thread and your sewing needle. The button(s) can be placed directly opposite the button on the other side if you plan to reverse the scarf to be able to use the other button to display a different appliqué. Just make sure to keep your thread in between the buttons on each side so it cannot be seen on the opposite side of the scarf (if you plan to reverse the scarf). Secure your thread in between buttons on opposite sides of scarf so it is not visible from the other side. 

***Once you finish weaving in all loose ends and attaching your button(s), your scarf is ready to decorate a flower vase. Simply wrap it around the neck of the vase and keep it in place using the bottom button.

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