Seasonal & Leg Scarf Round-Up

As the holidays approach, I thought it may be helpful to do a round-up of all of my seasonal crochet scarves. The scarves are very festive and fun projects to make – and even more festive and fun to wear! They also make wonderful gifts. Making one or more of these scarves is sure to spread cheer this year. If you are interested in any of the patterns, check them out below.

Witch Legs Scarf

Happy Fall! Halloween is right around the corner so if you are looking for a fairly easy and quick crochet project, try my Witch Legs Scarf pattern! Perfect to wear on a chilly trick-or-treating night! It would be fun to make in many colors. I have a pattern written for both an adult-size scarf and a child-size scarf. It would be simple to change the length for your own perfect fit. I hope you find my Witch Legs Scarf pattern to be a real treat! If it seems a little tricky, try purchasing my ad-free, large print, which contain extra pictures and helpful tips when creating your own witch scarf.

Scarecrow Legs Scarfscarecrow scarf

Happy Fall Y’all! I just finished my latest seasonal legs scarf and I hope you love it as much as I do! I think scarecrow decorations are so cute for fall so I thought a Scarecrow Legs scarf would be an awesome addition to the other “legs scarves” in my collection. Lion Brand’s Scarfie yarn in Denim/Navy made perfect jeans for my scarecrow legs and is amazing scarf material! One of the coolest things about this scarf is you can customize it very easily. I think it would be cute with a different color, number, and/or size of patches. Adding a few “sloppy stitches” around the patch could also be a cute added touch. It would be a great scarf to wear all season long, especially to fall festivals, parties, and events.

Jingle Bells Elf Scarf 

Jingle all the way! That’s what you will do when you wear my new Jingle Bells Elf Legs Scarf that’s fresh off the crochet hook! My little ones gave me enough time to finally finish it today! I know many of you loved my Witch Legs Scarf pattern so I couldn’t wait to share this one! There is still plenty of time left before Christmas so if you are looking for a fun crochet project to get you in the holiday spirit, this is it! With two cute little bells on the tips of the toes, this scarf has the perfect amount of charm to cheer up any wardrobe. I must say it was fun to hear the little jingle of a bell as I was finishing up this project.

Tip-Toeing Christmas Legs ScarfGrinch Scarf

We are taking our kids to see the new Grinch movie this weekend. It will actually be the first time we all go to the theaters together as an entire family so we are excited! I made the kids these cute “tip-toeing” Christmas scarves to wear for the occasion. I happened to have some Loops & Threads Cozy wool yarn in Sweetgrass which I think is a perfect color. If you are looking for a last-minute project to make for the season, this one can be whipped up pretty quick since it is a bulkier yarn and there aren’t any alternating stripes as with my Elf Legs Scarf. Below are my patterns for an adult-size scarf and child-size scarf if you are interested in making one…or several!

Bunny Leg ScarfCrochet Bunny Scarf

Just in time for Easter, I hope my Bunny Legs scarf is the next project to hop on your crochet hook! The amazing softness of the Bernat Pipsqueak yarn makes you feel like you are touching an actual bunny! It’s so fun to make and even more fun to wear. The length can be easily adjusted for both children and adults to enjoy! “Hoppy” crocheting!!!

Uncle Sam Legs Scarf

I finally finished my latest holiday legs scarf in time for the Fourth of July – meet my patriotic Uncle Sam Legs Scarf! Wear it as a cute and fun accessory while watching the fireworks! It is not solely meant for the Fourth of July, but for any day you want to display your patriotism. The blue section represents Uncle Sam’s jacket so I added my  Cute and Quick Star as a fun button for the jacket. See below if you would like to make an Uncle Sam Legs Scarf for yourself. I hope you have fun with this pattern!

Lucky Green Moss Stitch Scarf

I just love the color green! Lucky enough, Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and gives me the perfect reason to create and wear things in this color. I decided to make a green striped scarf with gold tassels which alludes to the upcoming holiday. I immediately knew that I wanted to use the moss stitch to create my green striped scarf because I love the look of the stitch and what stitch sounds greener than the moss stitch?! And, just in case the gold tassels weren’t enough, I decided to add a little extra luck to the scarf by attaching some of my lucky four-leaf clovers to the tassels. I hope this scarf brings you good luck when you wear it!