DIY Decorative Rustic Window

Recently I pointed out a decorative “rustic” window in a magazine to my husband. After several failed trips to vintage shops on the side of the road and antique stores, he decided to just build one.  Very quickly he was able to recreate the same window! He said it was super easy, and best of all we were able to make the dimensions the exact size for the space we needed. As an added bonus, it is MUCH lighter than an actual window! If you are looking for that easy DIY rustic or farmhouse window, check out how he created ours below!

List of Materials:

  1. (2) 1.5 inch x 6 ft wood boards
  2. (3) .75 inch x 6 ft wood boards
  3. Wood Glue
  4. Wood Screws
  5. Plexiglass approximately 36 in x 36 inch
  6. Plexiglass cutting knife
  7.  Wood Stain & Paint (of your desired colors)
  8. Lightly abrasive sandpaper (220 grit)
  9. Hanging hardware (optional)
  10. Ribbed Turnbuttons

Final Measurements:

31.75 X 34.75 in


First screw outside frame together (use pocket hole technique). Ensure your frame opening can be measured to your desired pane size and number of panes you choose for your window.

Lay the inside of your pane frames evenly (mine were roughly 10.25 in.).  Use wood glue to secure the vertical pieces to the frame. Make sure the inside frame is flush to the front of the frame. This will leave a small notched area where you will lay the plexiglass from the rear of the window.

Next cut your horizontal pane frames and glue securely into place.

Once the glue is dry apply your first layer of stain. This will help bring out a rustic look after the sandpaper is used on the final paint coat.

Once the stain is dry apply a coat of white paint (I used antique white in semi-gloss)

Once the paint is dry, (this is very important that it is DRY!) use a sheet of 220 grit or lightly abrasive finishing paper. Gently pull in the direction of the wood grain to expose as much or as little of the stained wood under the paint. Get creative and have fun with this part!

Once you are happy your rustic look, add hanging hooks to the back of the window if you choose to hang the window.

The final step is to cut the plexiglass to fit and lay in the groove created by the inside frame. Secure the plexiglass with ribbed turnbuttons.

When creating a rustic finish, there is no wrong way to complete the project. Minor errors in the construction of the project will only enhance this rustic look!