Today, I hung up my St. Patrick’s Day wreath that I made about seven years ago! I think it has held up pretty well so I decided to share it. It was pretty simple to make – I didn’t even use glue! Carnations are my favorite type of flower so I fell in love with the glittery white and green carnations as soon as I saw them.


*I remember that I bought all of my materials from the seasonal St. Patrick’s Day display at Michaels.

Grapevine wreath

– St. Patrick’s Day ribbon

– Glitter shamrock stems

– Artificial glittery clovers

– Artificial glittery carnations

– Optional: hot glue gun/hot glue


  1. Take one end of the ribbon and tuck it in the back of the wreath. Then wrap the ribbon around the wreath leaving empty spaces evenly around that will later be covered by the flowers and clovers. Once your ribbon has made it around, cut it and tuck the end into the back of the wreath. You may want to use hot glue to keep the ribbon in place.
  2. Cut the carnation stems a little shorter and then weave them into the wreath in the arrangement you choose. I did not use glue, but you may want to in order to prevent them from falling out of the wreath.
  3. Cut batches of the clovers off of their main stem/bundle and stick them into the wreath anywhere there is an empty space. Again, you may choose to use hot glue to keep them in place on your wreath.
  4. Finally, stick the glitter shamrock stems down into the bottom of the wreath so they stick up in the center. My stems came with a bow that was tied around them. If your stems came individually, you may choose to tie some green ribbon around them for an added embellishment.


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I planned on decorating my son’s high chair for his first birthday since that is where he would be performing the most exciting part of a one-year-old’s birthday – eating the cake!  I was going to make a pennant banner to hang from the high chair tray when I realized that I could make the pennant banner look like monster teeth (to go along with the monster theme) by making each triangular flag white.  And then I figured I may as well dress the entire high chair up like a monster because, well, I’m crazy!  Read below if you are interested in “monsterizing” a high chair.



– White cardstock

– Green cardstock

– Black cardstock

– Tape

– 2 toilet paper rolls

– 1 long wrapping paper roll (or 2 normal wrapping paper rolls)

– 2 straws


1. Cut the long wrapping paper roll in half.  The two halves will be the legs of your monster as long as you can fit the legs of your high chair into the roll.  If not, you may need to just use pieces of paper taped together for the legs.

2. Paint the two halves of the wrapping paper roll green (or whatever color you want your monster’s legs to be.  Then paint the two toilet paper rolls the same color.  Allow them to dry.

3. Cut monster teeth, monster feet and claws, and eyes from your cardstock.  I traced large circular bowl lids for the eyes.  Tape the claws to the feet and tape the black pupils to the white eyes.

4. Now you are ready to assemble your monster high chair.  Place the front legs of your high chair through the painted wrapping paper rolls.  Then place the monster feet under the legs on the floor.  Next, tape the teeth to your high chair tray and foot rest.  Finally, assemble the eyes by placing a straw through each toilet paper roll and taping it in place once you have a short length of the straw sticking out of one side of each roll and a longer length sticking out the other side of each roll.  Tape the longer length of each straw to the back of the top of the high chair where you want the eyes to be positioned.  Tape the cardstock eyes you made to the front of the shorter length of straw.  I’m sorry that I did not take pictures of the assembly (I was making it up as I was doing it).  You may even have a better idea to hold the eyes in place on the chair.

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I wanted to do a photo display at my son’s first birthday party to showcase the 12 monthly photos I took of him throughout his first year.  Since we had his party inside, I couldn’t have it take up a lot of space so I decided to display the photos on the refrigerator.  I wanted to make it look similar to a pennant banner and I used my monster cut-outs to tie in the monster theme of the party.


– Colored cardstock

– Pipe cleaners (same colors as your cardstock)

– Magnetic tape

– Hot glue gun/hot glue

– Double-sided tape

– Paper cutter/ruler & scissors

– Black marker

– Photos

– Monster cut-outs


*Start by planning your picture display design so you know what colors of your materials you will need.

1. Pick out the photos you want to use for your display.  I started with 4″ x 6″ photos, but I trimmed them to 3.5″ x 5″ to save space.

2. Frame your photos using your cardstock.  Cut your cardstock rectangle so that it is half an inch longer than your photos in both length and width.  For example, since my photos were 3.5″ x 5″, I cut 4″ x 5.5″ rectangles out of my cardstock to frame each of the photos.

3. Use double-sided tape to place your photos in the center of their respective cardstock rectangle frames.

4. Cut a triangle from a piece of cardstock to be the template for all of the pennants you will use for your banner photo display.  Trace your template repeatedly onto your colored cardstock until you have enough for your photo display.  I traced 12 pennants since I had 12 photos in my display.  When you are finished tracing, cut them out with your scissors.  *Use a marker to write any information you wish on each pennant (I wrote my son’s age on each pennant).


5. Now you need to apply magnetic tape to the backs of your photos, pennants, pipe cleaners, and monster cut-outs (if you are using them as part of your display).  You will need to cut thin strips of tape for the pipe cleaners (I used two thin strips on each end of the pipe cleaners.  You may need to cut your pipe cleaners shorter for some areas of your design.  Warning: I highly suggest using hot glue to adhere the magnetic tape to your items.  I found that the magnetic tape will not stick long on its own without reinforcement from the hot glue.

6. Arrange your magnetic items on the refrigerator (or other magnetic surface) to achieve the design you planned for your display.


7. Enjoy gazing at your picture display!

Hopefully, your display doesn’t end up looking like mine did (shown below) by the end of the party



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I made these monster cut-outs to use at my son’s monster birthday party.  It’s actually really easy to draw monsters since they don’t have a specific body shape – you can make them as crazy looking as you want!  If you like my monster designs, feel free to use the printables below to make them for yourself.  It would make a fun activity for kids as well.  If you are interested in making your own monster cut-outs, see below for directions.


– One sheet each of blue, green, yellow, orange, black, and white cardstock (from amazon)

– Pencil

– Scissors

– Glue – or – double-sided tape

– Optional: Monster printables (found below)


1. Draw your monster outlines (or trace my printable monsters) onto the colored cardstock.  If you are using my printables, I traced the monsters on the reverse side so when you cut them/trace them, you can turn them over and you won’t see any pencil lines.

2. Cut out your monsters.

3. Draw mouths and pupils for each monster (or trace them from my printables) onto black cardstock.  Then cut them out using your scissors.

4. Draw monster teeth and the larger eyeball outline (or trace them from my printables) on white cardstock.  Then cut them out using your scissors.

5. Glue the mouths, teeth, and eyes onto your monsters.

6. Have fun using your monsters creatively!  I made mine into magnets and will show you how I displayed them at my son’s party in my next post.

Green Monster Printable

Yellow Monster Printable

Blue and Orange Monsters Printable


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We just celebrated my son’s first birthday with a Monster-themed party on Saturday.  So be prepared for a slew of monster party ideas in my next several posts – starting with this one!  These monster favor jars are what I handed out to guests as a thank-you for attending the party.

If you have been following my posts, you probably already know that I am somewhat of a hoarder (at least I’m not in denial anymore) and tend to save things that most people would probably say should be thrown away (or hopefully, at least recycled).  Number one on the list of things I can’t throw away is a nice baby food jar – or any type of nice jar or container, really.  So, as you can imagine as a hoarder with two little ones,  I have acquired a serious collection of these little gems.  And by serious collection, I mean that if I had a penny for every baby food jar I have saved, I would probably have like……two hundred dollars.  Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the penny bit – more like if I had a dollar for every baby food jar I have saved, I would have two hundred dollars.  Hey, that’s still not a collection to be laughed at…or maybe it is 😉

Now that I have officially made you jealous of my baby food jar collection, if you are interested in making these monster jars, all you need are some baby food jars (or any glass jars with lids) and some paint.  Read below for more detailed instructions.  And sorry for the longer-than-usual introduction. That’s what happens when the kids take a nap at the same time and I don’t have to write my post at midnight!


– Clean baby food jars with lids

– Spray paint (in the color you want for your monster face)

– Acrylic paint in white and black

– Small paint brush

– Q-tip

– Favors


1. Spray paint the tops of the lids of the jars with your choice of color.  This will be the main color of your monster faces.  Allow them to dry. ***I allowed the lids to dry/air out for about a week so the paint smell had time to dissipate.  Since I was planning to put edible goodies in my favor jars, I didn’t want to chance them smelling or tasting like spray paint.  I even flipped them over so they could air out on the other side for a day or so as well.  I would suggest that you do this as well so that you don’t unintentionally trap the smell of the paint inside the jar.


2. Once you have allowed the lids to dry, use a Q-tip to paint monster eyes on the lids with white acrylic paint.  Just dip the Q-tip in the white paint and draw your circular or oval eyes.  You could also use a small paint brush, but I found that a Q-tip was easier to use and took less time.  The best part about the monster eyes is they don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical!  You don’t even need two eyes; you could do just one eye or more than two eyes.


3. Use a small paint brush and black acrylic paint to paint monster mouths on the lids.  Be as creative and silly as you want. 🙂


4. Once the white eyes have dried completely, use a Q-tip dipped in black paint to add pupils to the eyes.  I just dipped the Q-tip in the paint and dabbed it onto each eye once to form the pupils.  You can make the eyes look whacky by placing the pupils in positions other than the centers of the eyes.

5. Once the mouths have dried completely, use a paint brush to paint the teeth on the mouths with white paint.  The amount of teeth and placement of the teeth is completely up to you.

6. Make sure you have allowed an adequate amount of time for your jar lids to dry/air out before placing them back on the baby food jars.  Once they have dried, simply add your favors/treats to the jars and cap them with your monster lids.  *In case you were wondering, I decided to put chocolate covered pretzels inside my jars.  I used yellow, green, blue, and white melting chips to make the pretzels match the lid colors.


This batch of jars didn’t even put a dent in my baby food jar collection 😉


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